Shi & Zhong | Bali pre wedding photography

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April 25, 2013
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June 29, 2013

Bali pre wedding photography of Shi & Zhong from China

I Love Ubud, especially Royal Pitamaha, a great place to have a relaxation holiday.
Fortunately, Shi & Zhong stay in here, that’s why our first location to start is in here, Royal Pitamaha.
The weather now is unpredictable, we start with a great weather, Hot and Humid with blue sky, And at the end of photo session, we have a great rain…
A blessing from the sky, cause it pour at last spot and last session..
Lucky us.. 😀

The horse watching at them the romantic couple

Pre wedding photography at royal pitamaha ubud bali

the chemistry is so lovely

bali pre wedding photography riding horses

What a cute horse, a witnesses of this lovely couple

Bali beach time, time to play!

Look at them, so romantic in the beach

In her eyes it 100% pure love

Ayung River Ubud at Royal pitamaha

Royal Pitamaha Ubud is a great place for this great couple

Water is a symbol of a purity, we can see from their eyes and smiles, a pure love from the bottom of the heart

Bali Pre wedding photography close up to each other in black and white

A blue sky after the sunset time, make both of them look so stunning...