He Yundi & Chen Lin | Bali Wedding Photographer | Kupu Kupu Barong Ubud

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March 26, 2013
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May 20, 2013

Bali wedding photographer
A simply wedding, He Yundi & Chen Lin, a gorgeous couple, handsome + Beautiful + Amazing venue, Kupukupu barong Ubud.
The air is very nice here, its very natural, less noise, and the warm feeling from the couple that make this is the perfect day.
And we got bonus at the end of the session, we have a little rain, a blessing from the sky.. 😀

A lovely expression from the couple

Bali wedding photographer for bali wedding rings

A wedding dress at kupu kupu barong ubud bali

its her shoes

Bali wedding hand bouquet

The grooms before the wedding ceremony tying the shoelaces

Last preparation from the groom before the wedding ceremony

Fitting the bride wedding dress

her beautifull hand waiting to receive the bless

A cute lovely brides

Peek a boo... :D

wearing her shoes

A beautiful bride and Balinese umbrella boy and flower girl

The groom waiting his bride

Finally the bride showing at the ceremony venue at Kupu kupu barong ubud for their bali wedding destination

going to great the priest at kupu kupu barong ubud bali

bali wedding photographer at kupu kupu barong ubud

He Yundi & Chen Lin at kupu kupu barong ubud

Their vows and her smile..

Bali wedding photographer take a photo of the groom when putting a ring on her hand

She put a wedding ring on his groom

A wedding kiss to celebrate the union

A smile of happiness

Its Flower shower time, Looks at their smiles... ^_^

A kiss of union under the flower

A glimpse of their happines in this picture taken by us a bali wedding photographer

He Yundi & Chen Lin, a new husband and wife

The green scenery a witness of this two lovely birds

Look, a beautiful bride with lovely smile at kupu kupu barong ubud

The First dance bali wedding photography ubud

A rain, The blessing from the sky